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1589, on the notion of „large mass

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Petroleum jelly is commonly used as a personal lubricant because it does not dry out like water based lubricants, and has a distinctive „feel“, different from that of K Y and related methylcellulose products.[17] However, it is not recommended for use with condoms during sexual activity because it swells latex and thus increases the chance of rupture. It is also not recommended for vaginal intercourse because it may increase the risk of yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis in women. It may be used safely for unprotected anal intercourse.[citation needed].

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Replica Handbags Synonyms grunter, porker are from sailors‘ and fishermen’s euphemistic avoidance of uttering the word pig at sea, a superstition perhaps based on the fate of the Gadarene swine, who drowned. The meaning „oblong piece of metal“ is first attested.1589, on the notion of „large mass.“ The derogatory slang meaning „police officer“ has been in underworld slang since at least 1811; pig out „eat like a pig“ is 1979; pig headed is 1620; pigskin as slang for „football“ is from 1894 https://www.moreplicaa.com , though as word for saddle leather it is from 1855. Pig Latin first recorded 1937. Replica Handbags

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Designer Fake Bags Archimedes‘ mathematical proofs and presentation exhibit great boldness and originality of thought on the one hand and extreme rigour on the other, meeting the highest standards of contemporary geometry. While the Method shows that he arrived at the formulas for the surface area and volume of a sphere by „mechanical“ reasoning involving infinitesimals, in his actual proofs of the results in Sphere and Cylinder he uses only the rigorous methods of successive finite approximation that had been invented by Eudoxus of Cnidus in the 4th century bce. These methods, of which Archimedes was a master, are the standard procedure in all his works on higher geometry that deal with proving results about areas and volumes. Designer Fake Bags

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Fake Designer Bags A ferrite is a type of ceramic compound composed of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) combined chemically with one or more additional metallic elements.[1] They are both electrically nonconductive and ferrimagnetic, meaning they can be magnetized or attracted to a magnet. Ferrites can be divided into two families based on their magnetic coercivity, their resistance to being demagnetized. Hard ferrites have high coercivity, hence they are difficult to demagnetize Fake Designer Bags.


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