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Boil three leaves of lemon in a cup of water for 10 minutes

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It the one thing I straight up don understand about Zoe kitI can understand the fantasy of one shotting people, the endless spam of her sleep spell, but why does she have an ability that gives her summoner spells and other powerful item actives? I honestly don understand the balance behind it at all.I was always under the impression that Summoner Spells are limited to 2 because they add so much more power to your champion, but Zoe goes against all of that. She can take Flash + Exhaust into a someone with Ignite and then match their Ignite in all ins while also making them weaker with Exhaust, covering the distance if the enemy flashes with both her Flash AND the enemy Flash. It just doesn make much sense to me, she got so much inherent power in that and I cannot figure out how it considered balanced other than she hard to play and master.The same goes for item actives, they gated by gold and you don really get them till later on in the game, but she gets a ton for free.Ornn can buy items from wherever.Pyke and Kai on the face of it, seem to not fit the above paradigm.The upcoming Akali rework has stealth that cannot be detected by towers.Riot logic is that, if they make champions able to do such vastly different things, that diversity and unique champion design.

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