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Exercise is good for the body and the brain

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canada goose coats Kids are a handful over the summer but it’s important to keep them entertained in the right ways (Image: Getty)Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!And let’s face it, if children stay in bed till lunchtime and then head straight for the games console, it’s so much easier to get all the chores done, isn’t it?PayPoint down leaving up to 1.4million Brits without gas canada goose parka uk and electricity as scores of parents complain they can’t feed their childrenBut we pay for this attitude down the line when our kids grow into selfish, lazy, flabby teenagers without the tools they neeed to survive in the canada goose outlet online store review world of work.Which is why I’m a big fan of Shaun Fenton, the headmaster of Reigate Grammar School in Surrey, who has come up with a ’super seven‘ canada goose outlet new york city list of summer He reckons that all school age children should be obliged to tick these off before they’re Canada Goose Outlet allowed canada goose outlet factory anywhere near their tech.Start as you mean to go on, he says first off they should get themselves up, washed and dressed without Mum shouting up the stairs every five minutes.Then they should make their own breakfast and clear it away no Coco Pops on the floor or crumbs on the table.After that, they should take the dog for a walk (borrow a neighbour’s pet if you haven’t got one). canada goose outlet jackets This helps them learn to take responsibility for others.Every day’s routine should include a swim, a bike ride canada goose sale uk or a jog. Exercise is good for the body and the brain.Then they should play a board game this teaches kids to follow rules and interact with actual people as opposed to virtual ones.Time should also canada goose outlet online uk be set aside for reading a book. canada goose coats

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