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Most Korean people do not respect religion. I will respect the law as a place. The advantage is that the country has rules. I waited for the end of the holidays to post my contribution in favor of the open-minded criticism of Settimio
Langui My country and awaits the hour of awakening,
the awakening of the sleeping minds,
the sudden cry of the torpor that flees
to give way to the vigor of the new course,
to change, to the return to the glory of the past…

The verses of a poem I dedicated to my beloved Country this
Among the incongruities described, dear Septimius, some have just touched them, as if to want them knowingly to overshadow, well aware that they are of primary importance for our little
. Your wailing of volcano turned off
waiting for the right moment for a new eruption,
erase forever
from your invasive future
every endemic form of your malaise
With esteem
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