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It unfortunate that the movie did not dwell on this further

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Pierre Chanliau u

The only point you have is the abusive familial relationship as a loving one. But this is obviously retconning, his previous appearances made him as the more evil figure, who fully uk moncler outlet exterminated Gamoras race. Coupled with the mid credits ending in the first Avengers, shows him as more in moncler outlet line moncler womens jackets with the death worship Thanos from the comics. It is apparent this was changed, and so cheap moncler jackets mens the relationship must have changed a tad too.And just because Thanos believes moncler usa it love, doesn mean it was anyway. He the Mad Titan, he a crazy moncler uk outlet motherfucker.Look at Nebulas relationship. There was no attempt with any sympathy there. It clear how much moncler sale online they despise each other, and where veil of Thanos apparent discount moncler jackets rational character falls. He literally cheap moncler sale tortures her, the movie does not make it look good for him at all.Gamora clearly hates him, though moncler outlet woodbury she is conflicted since cheap moncler coats mens he did raise her for decades. It unfortunate that the movie did not dwell on this further, though understandable due to runtime. I hope we see some of this in future, but we may not, which is again understandable. moncler outlet online Though maybe in Guardians 3 now moncler online store that I think about it.I give anything to see Thanos celebrating christmas with gamora lmaoThat feels like a really poignant sign of just how cynically Hollywood is embracing diversity. Just a few years moncler outlet prices ago it would have been nearly impossible to find a studio that would back moncler outlet sale a major blockbuster with a female or non white lead and even then best moncler jackets you’d be looking moncler outlet store at https://www.moncleroutlett.com provably bankable moncler sale outlet stars. Now that BP and cheap moncler jackets womens WW have demonstrated that audiences are interested in diversity, their PR departments are in overdrive looking for ways to latch onto the narrative of empowerment.I’m really excited for Captain Marvel, but the broader studio politics are pretty offputting.That uk moncler sale Slacker Guy 2 points submitted 3 days agoI mean, you are assuming a lot moncler sale of things. The cheap moncler jackets stones being gravitational singularities is honestly quite a stretch.They’re called Infinity Stones because they give you infinite power (the MCU version of the stones are clearly not as powerful as their comics counterparts, they even need a device to use their power, but still ).Now, about Captain Marvel and this applies to Adam Warlock as well, I believe people are putting a lot of faith on them. Yes, they’re powerful and have cosmic powers, but they can’t do shit against a full Infinity Gauntlet. Neither of these characters were ever able to outpower Thanos (Warlock pretty much outsmarted Thanos and even Galactus during Infinity Gauntlet).

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