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Negativity is rough for some people and I really wanted her to

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Chewning, deputy assistant secretary of defense for manufacturing and industrial base policy for the Pentagon. ApprovalThe Chinese government has also spent billions of dollars to become a world leader in science and technology and has shown increased interest in investing in artificial intelligence, self driving cars and robotics, he said.Already, the Trump administration has ratcheted up scrutiny of foreign investment deals.In September, CFIUS stopped a Chinese backed investor from buying Lattice Semiconductor, an American conductor company. In July, it halted a deal that would have given a Chinese company a piece of a Los Angeles company that provides in flight Wi Fi.And more recently, in January, CFIUS rejected a deal for Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Services Group bid to buy MoneyGram, the money transfering service.The bipartisan bill could add thousands of companies with foreign ties to the list that CFIUS reviews each year and provide more money to cover the costs of a bigger workload.

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