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Not because HOTSHOT is bad or anything canada Canada Goose

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Let’s remember the fallen trainees

Spam is bad! We canada goose outlet shop encourage discussions with content, please Canada Goose online make threads that promote discussion and avoid reposts. Please compile related videos that are released simultaneously.

Post from well known links We do not want sites linking to a virus.

No NSFW content As many of our members are underage, please keep the environment of our sub to be SFW. Please refrain canada goose outlet online uk from sexualizing any contestants.

No excessive hating on trainees Constructive canada goose outlet jackets criticism is fine canada goose uk outlet but hateful comments will not be tolerated.

All Korean articles submitted must have an canada goose clearance sale English title for the thread, canada goose outlet and a reasonable translation provided. This is to prevent confusion as not many users here know a lot of Korean.

Idol Producer posts are limited to: raw Cheap Canada Goose jackets and subbed episode discussions, video and performance compilations, and user submitted discussions (not links). He got a bad edit in the first performance, then his whole canada goose outlet store team got shafted during canada goose uk shop the position round literally because he was such a good leader that there was no drama. He wasn in most of Showtime edits, even though he was the leader there too. It canada goose black buy canada goose jacket cheap friday sale really strange to me that Sungwoon is ranked so much canada goose jacket outlet higher than him, because even though canada goose coats I think Sungwoon is really talented as well, Taehyun is a lot more memorable to https://www.canadagooseoutleta.com me, has canada goose a couple of celebrities canada goose factory sale rooting for him, and had the ahjussi fanning/scratching picture trending. (And yes I scared for Jaehwan too idk what the final group will is without him. Plus the SS2 kids that make it.)Kenta. I knew that he was going to be eliminated but it still hurts. He worked so hard and has so much idol potential it literally pains me to see the waste. He performed on M Countdown knowing he was eliminated and still gave a brilliant performance.

If he doesn debut soon, he be going back to Japan. I honestly torn because I want to see more of him and watch him fulfill canada goose outlet uk his dreams of being canada goose outlet store uk an idol but I want to be safe and happy away from the toxic idol industry.

I hope he more active on social media since he really deserves canada goose outlet online to know how much his fans love and Canada Goose Online support him. Looking forwards to canada goose outlet black friday Insoo Twitter official canada goose outlet update and more EunKenSoo cheap canada goose uk shenanigans.

Gosh, I never canadian goose jacket thought I become that cheap Canada Goose attached to a contestant. Nor did I expect to get attached so bad to canada goose coats on sale a contestant after just one dance. But Taehyun performance in Shape of You just absolutely converted me. So yeah. I Taehyun trash. buy canada goose jacket Though I feel just canada goose outlet in usa trash only after he got eliminatedsigh

Yea. i complained about this canada goose clearance on the other thread already but im Canada Goose Coats On Sale still so mad that he didn uk canada goose make it because canada goose outlet reviews he so easily could have. i really have no idea why mnet decided to consistently cut canada goose outlet parka most of his parts out when they so easily could have. not. it really leaves me feeling sour and suspicious that they had it out for him for SOME reason. he talented, charming. he was a vocal trainer pick in the pre show episode canada goose outlet new york city and canada goose outlet canada he a former jyp trainee and friends with somi. THERE WERE SO canada goose store MANY ANGLES MNET COULD HAVE USED ):

the only thing i Canada Goose Outlet have left is the image from today episode of little woojin sitting on donghyun lap canada goose uk black friday ):Taehyun! Oh man, I so upset about this. I kinda figured he wouldn make the final group, but it still so sad to see him go. I already canada goose outlet toronto factory knew him and Sungwoon from HOTSHOT before they went on this show, uk canada goose outlet but I feel like they were canada goose black friday sale able to really show their talents much more through this show than they ever did in HOTSHOT. Not because HOTSHOT is bad or anything canada Canada Goose sale goose outlet uk sale (I personally really love HOTSHOT and all their songs), but canada goose outlet sale they did very few interviews and stuff like that, and goose outlet canada they bounced around between Japan and China, which did not help their popularity in Korea, and just showed the same gaenggi over and over instead of showing their real talents and charms. I definitely a bigger fan of Taehyun now and really hope he and the rest of HOTSHOT will do something again Canada Goose Jackets soon. I sure the trainees are already missing him now that they have to come up with their own choreography for the final performances haha.

Euiwoong 🙁 I only just started to really pay attention to him. He caught my attention during Who You, but since then he been dropping in rank. I think he has canada goose factory outlet a lot of charms, including his rapping. Canada Goose Parka I hope we get to see all canada goose outlet nyc the yuehua trainees debut soon, they really have an awesome group of trainees.


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