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so much canada goose coats on sale for their „morale high

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evilfisher u

i love to nominate this opinion for the nobel fail prize for something a lot of people seem too mindlessly repeat Canada Goose sale and believe despite all the evidence and facts showing the Canada Goose Online opposite despite not having anything too do with any of the recent events. intelligencethe only failure here (apart from downvoting instead of responding), is realizing North Korea is now in a position of strength, not because North Korea canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet uk failed to build nuclear canada goose outlet store uk weapons, but because it succeeded.

Puckie 29 points submitted canada goose factory outlet Canada Goose online 7 days ago

There is official cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet a high likelihood that North Korea decision to cheap canada goose uk halt testing was not primarily driven by sanctions or harsh rhetoric. Instead, it is likely due canada goose clearance sale to the destruction of the Punggye ri Nuclear Test Site.

There have been no canada goose outlet parka further tests since this uk canada goose catastrophe.

Therefore, if the above reporting is accurate, the destruction and loss of personnel (possibly scientists and workers) may have been the primary driver behind Kim decision. A secondary driver would be the sanctions recently imposed on the regime hindering or preventing Kim from reconstructing canada goose outlet online his test site. not anymore.

just in the other thread they talk about not making peace with North Korea because of „human canada goose outlet nyc rights“ yet at the same time they have no issues not only ignoring canada goose jacket outlet Yemen but also giving canada goose factory sale the Saudis Billion in weapon sales so they can continue this atrocity. so much canada goose coats on sale for their „morale high ground“ as they claim to stand on trying to lecture others. when in reality all they stand in is a swamp of blood and hypocrisy. and anyone pointing out the emperor canada goose clearance has no canada goose outlet canadagooseuk.net toronto factory clothes is either“whataboutism“ or „Russian bot“

evilfisher 6 points canada goose submitted 10 days ago

yes we already know the cheap desperate narrative where the west actually wants people too canada goose outlet canada believe canada goose outlet in usa that they „fight wars in the name of democracy and buy canada goose jacket cheap human rights“ canada goose uk shop while totally ignoring human rights and democracy when it does fit their interests.

anyone pointing out canada goose black friday sale their flawed cheap bullshit narrative is „whataboutism“ or „russian bot“

the west is in no position to lecture anyone. and the only despicable thing here is warhawks trying too sabotage a step in the right direction for peace.

evilfisher 1 point submitted 13 days canada goose outlet shop ago

missile and nuclear production is completely unhindered, even if the report of a collapsed tunnel is true canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday new york city its canada goose outlet jackets just a minor setback from an otherwise successful nuclear program.

if you look up what has been happening the past 10 years you will realize Trump canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet black friday had nothing to do with any of this, but rather the shift of politics in the South. troops be changed.“

in reality North Korea has not changed policy at Canada Goose Jackets all, despite the western media giving misinformation and troll threads like these posting old information,

evilfisher 1 point submitted canada goose outlet canada goose outlet uk store 13 canadian goose jacket days buy canada goose jacket ago

North Korea has always been craving to end the cold war ever since the Soviet Union collapsed, and they have been saying canada goose black friday sale this over and over for three decades. But the canada goose outlet sale circumstances hadn allowed them to get along with other countries.

The peace attempt in 1992 canada goose uk outlet went astray with Kim Il Sung death. The peace attempt in canada goose outlet 2000 was going quite well until Bush began Canada Goose Parka his canada goose outlet online uk presidency. Then it was attempted again in 2007, only President Roh presidential term was ending, and as soon as canada goose outlet uk sale MB began his presidency, he cut all ties with NK canada goose store and began goose outlet canada growling at canada goose outlet reviews each other again. And the following ten years. let just say there simply hasn been a chance.

Now is another great chance, with Trump and Moon supportive on canada goose coats all sides. And if this fails, there might not be another chance for 20 years. It okay to be skeptical, but don let your hopes down yet since everything is going well so Canada Goose Coats On Sale far.


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