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The first person to take a turn picks up one of the cards and

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/sLikewise, if my entire city burned down, I wouldn be insulted if a video game where you play as a pyromaniac fire demon was released the next day.Prior to that there was a case to be made on the basis of Four Lords (which presumably has three fights left to do), as well as Eureka vs. Six elemental zones to do, and the bevy of things they might have wanted extra time to do for a next expansion Cheap jordans (early game MSQ condensing, dealing with the class system, prepping the next „Eureka“ to actually release on time etc.).I remembered him expressing shock that we were expecting 4.5 into the next expansion, and even mentioning that he was probably going to be another patch after 4.5, and no, not a 4.55.Because of how badly formatted everything is and how different every single interview is formatted, and how people like leaving out things they dont like in summaries, it too much effort for me to find.That why I just reaching out for anyone else who also remembered him saying this. But people are getting defensive for some reason when I already said I didn have a source lmao..

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