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The future of rock may be uncertain (some would say its death

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Now, you just keep it simple. The team is playing well. You got to give the team a chance to win and that the thing with winning that the small mistakes aren magnified. Wiedefeld took over in November 2015, he and the union have sparred over numerous issues from Wiedefeld’s elimination of 500 jobs and open positions, to his decision to fire a third of the agency’s track inspection department over alleged falsification, to Metro’s decision to take the union to court over a policy requiring Metro to allow workers to earn double for working a seventh consecutive day. Metro argued the policy posed concerns about worker fatigue. It was one of three instances, the union said, where Metro failed to follow the orders of an arbitrator and instead took the union to court.“Every time Wiedefeld fails to implement an arbitration decision he is breaking the Congressional Compact which is illegal,“ the union wrote.

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