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Who used energy in doing the work of lifting the box? (Yes

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Inclined Planes and Wedges Lesson

This uk moncler sale is part 1 of a 5 part hands on unit on Simple Machines and Inventions. Race cars down uk moncler outlet ramps, compare carrying luggage to pulling it up an inclined plane, moncler outlet online slice through apples using wedges, and more! monclerdownjacket My lessons are geared toward 3rd 4th grade level children and their siblings. These are lessons I created to do with a weekly homeschool co op. We meet each week for 2 1/2 hours and have 12 children between the moncler sale online ages of 1 13. Use these fun lessons with your classroom, family, after school program, or co op!

Work1. Pray. Read discuss Genesis 1:26 28 Genesis 3:17 19. moncler outlet prices Mention about how moncler uk outlet God created work from the very beginning. After Adam disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, God cursed Adam by making work difficult. After creating the entire world, God did create man in His own image. One of the ways we are like God is that we are creative like He is. Over the years people have created ways to try to make this difficult work easier. The way they do that is by using machines.

2. Ask everyone what work they would like to do when they grow up. What does it mean to work? Before we learn about simple machines, we need to learn some science (specifically physics) words. Let’s start with work.

Tell a child to lift a heavy box filled with many heavy books (or a duffle bag filled with weights) and place the box on the table. It should be too heavy for him/her to lift. Are you doing any work? (No!) Why not? You haven’t moved the box of books. Are you using energy to try to lift that box? (Yes!) According to scientists, work is defined as moving a mass over a distance. How do they define work?

Okay, now what can s/he can do to actually work? How can he lift this box of books onto the table?

a) S/he could moncler sale take one book out of the box at a time until s/he can lift the box by herself and then put all the books back in the box. b) A few people could help him/her. c) He could build cheap moncler sale a contraption to lift it up there.

Have him/her get the box of books on the table either way.

Regardless of which way we solve the problem, would the amount of work done the same? (Yes. Regardless of how we did it, we lifted the heavy box with its contents to the table.)

Did the box weigh moncler online store the same when two, three or four people lifted it? (Yes, it weighed the same, but the people shared the work.)

When you were lifting the box to the table what force were you working against? (Gravity.)

When we do work we use energy. What do you moncler outlet store think energy is? Scientists define energy as the ability to cause change; can change the speed, direction, shape, or temperature of an object. Who used energy in doing the work of lifting the box? (Yes, everyone who helped had to use energy to get the work done.)

Who remembers the definition of work? (Moving a mass over a distance) What work was done here? (This box, this mass, we raised (moved) 38 inches.)YOU WILL NEED: a heavy books filled box or moncler outlet a duffle bag filled with weights (It needs to be so heavy that a child cannot lift it.)

Force and Work3. Physicists came up with the law of machines, which states that little effort applied over a long distance can lift a great weight over a short distance. What does this mean? Give me an example?

a. What do cheap moncler coats you think force means? We mentioned that gravity is a force. A force is a push or a pull. What is cheap moncler coats mens force?

b. There are moncler outlet woodbury some fun laws you’ll get to learn about someday. They were created by a man named Isaac Newton, so they’re called Newton’s Laws of motion. There are 3 of them. Newton’s First Law of Motion says that objects at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Objects in motion will remain in motion at the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

c. Have one child lightly push another child. Have moncler usa a third child push a fourth child harder. You are all demonstrating force. Physicists, who are scientists who study how things move, measure force in Newtons or pounds. Which child exerted more Newtons or pounds? (Yes, child 3.)

d. All simple machines transfer force. Some change the direction of force, some change the strength of the force, and some change both the cheap moncler jackets direction and the strength. Most simple machines make work easier by allowing you to use less force over a greater distance to move an object. Some machines moncler outlet sale make work easier by allowing you to move things farther and/or faster. In these machines, a larger force is required, but over a shorter distance.

Simple Machines Introduction4. Now that we’ve learned a few new words, let’s talk about simple machines. How many of you have cheap moncler jackets womens ever visited an aquarium with dolphins, or sharks? What is cheap moncler jackets mens the largest animal the aquarium had? How do you suppose the aquarium moves the animals moncler sale outlet from the ocean to their location or from one tank to another? If you were a marine biologist asked to transport a killer whale (orca) that is 22 feet long and weighs over 7 tons from the sea to your aquarium, what would you do?

Some of you suggested using machines to move the whale. What do you best moncler jackets think of when you hear the word „machine?“

Why do we use machines? Machines make our work easier. Can you think of some examples?

Many machines are complex machines, with lots of moving parts. All complex machines are made from simple machines. What are simple discount moncler jackets machines?

Simple machines are tools that make work easier. They have few or no moving parts, allow us to use a smaller force to overcome a larger force, use energy to work, work with one movement, make our work easier by letting us use less mechanical effort to move an object and by allowing us to push or pull over increased distances

Can anyone name a simple machine? Hold up each example as the type of simple machine is mentioned. If no one mentions one type, hold the moncler womens jackets item up and ask if anyone knows what type it is.

There are six simple machines that are divided into 2 groups: Inclined planes include a ramp, wedge, and screw. Levers include levers, Wheels and axles, and pulleys

YOU WILL NEED: stuffed animal orca (optional), 1 example of each type of simple machine. Possible examples include a screw (screw), screwdriver (wedge), hammer (lever), toy car with wheels (wheel and axle), and window blinds (pulley). (You can just point to my window blind.).


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