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[3] The barnacle myth can be dated back to at least the 12th

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The data transfer rate of a drive (also called throughput) covers both the internal rate (moving data between the disk surface and the controller on the drive) and the external rate (moving data between the controller on the drive and the host system). The measurable data transfer rate will be the lower (slower) of the two rates. The sustained data transfer rate or sustained throughput of a drive will be the lower of the sustained internal and sustained external rates.

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Replica Handbags The barnacle goose and the similar brant goose were previously considered one species, formerly believed to be essentially the same creature as the goose barnacle. This gave rise to the English name of the barnacle goose and the scientific name of the brant.[2] It is sometimes claimed that the word comes from a Celtic word for „limpet“, but the sense history seems to go in the opposite direction.[3] The barnacle myth can be dated back to at least the 12th century. Gerald of Wales claimed to have seen these birds hanging down from pieces of timber, William Turner accepted the theory, and John Gerard claimed to have seen the birds emerging from their shells. Replica Handbags

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