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It reached its peak during The Reveal, Slasher Smile and all

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Artifact Title / In Name Only / Nonindicative Name: Both words of the title. It has nothing to do with Homestuck except for characters‘ names, and only the first chapter has anything to do with high school, though the second word may be accurate in a different sense. Artistic License Biology: Jade gives birth to triplets after a mere two weeks of pregnancy, and each child has a different father. Possible, but very unlikely. (The part about each child having a different father, that is, not the two week gestation.) Battle of the Bands: Eridan defeats demon!Sollux in a musician’s duel.

Ysl replica bags I Have Your Daughter: General Overson is coerced into helping the AI by its threat to kill his daughter, who has a heart implant which it can hack. After he gets it removed, Overson immediately stops helping the AI, which then kills him. My God, What Have I Done?: The AI reacts this way after uploading Daniel’s mind, and seeing its actions through his conscience. Properly Paranoid: Lucifer seems like a paranoid nut at first, but he turns out to be right. Ysl replica bags

Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Ominous Fog Ominous Latin Chanting Primal Stance: Mideon. Religion of Evil The Reveal: Vince McMahon was the Higher Power. Satan/God of Evil: Vince McMahon as the Higher Power Scary Black Man: Viscera. Self Made Orphan: The Undertaker. Sinister Minister: The Undertaker, obviously. Also, Paul Bearer when he presided over Undertaker and Stephanie’s „wedding“. Stalker With a Crush: Undertaker on Stephanie. Take Over the WWF: The Undertaker revealed that his goal was to take control of the WWF from Vince McMahon (though it was subverted when it was revealed Vince himself was the Higher Power, whose REAL goal was to get the title off of „Stone Cold“ Steve Austin). Touched by Vorlons: Mideon, who gains psychic powers. Unwilling Suspension: Their sacrifices usually consisted of tying someone to an Undertaker symbol and hanging them from the rafters. The Undertaker also „hung“ the Big Bossman at WrestleMania 15, at the end of a Hell in the Cell match that most people found very disappointing. Of course, he got better, and in fact nobody ever mentioned it again. Villainous Breakdown: Vince McMahon after Paul Bearer presented him with a teddy bear that was stolen from Stephanie McMahon’s bedroom, and Undertaker set it on fire. This turned out to be an act, though. The whole Higher Power angle is basically one massive Villainous Breakdown by Vince McMahon, as his hatred of Austin drove him completely insane to the point he formed an evil cult from behind the scenes with himself as the Higher Power that they worshiped and had them stalk and kidnap his https://www.hiysl.com own daughter as part of the plan to get revenge on Austin. It reached its peak during The Reveal, Slasher Smile and all. Villain Team Up: With their former enemies The Corporation, probably has to do with the fact that both Power Stables were controlled by Vince McMahon behind the scenes. Villain with Good Publicity: Vince McMahon before The Reveal of him being the Higher Power. You Have Failed Me: Christian suffered this from the Undertaker after giving up Stephanie’s location. It led to the Brood turning against the Ministry after the Undertaker tried to force Edge and Gangrel to flog him themselves. Nobody else ever jumped ship from the Ministry, by the way, before it dissolved. Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

Ysl replica Recycled In Space: This episode is Ghost in space. Too bad Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t there YSL Replica Bags that week. Riddle for the Ages / The Unreveal: What was Riker going to say about Ro? Considering the events of Conundrum, it seems Riker’s unrevealed funeral speech and Ro’s interest in it are foreshadowing a possible future romance between the two. However, since Ro only appears in two more episodes after this one, no such plot development ever happens. Skeptic No Longer: As an adult, Ro stopped thinking much of Bajoran religious beliefs, but after apparently dying, becomes more appreciative and understanding of them. Ungrateful Bastard: The Romulans „thank“ the crew for coming to their aid by sabotaging the Enterprise so that it will explode the next time it enters warp. Wham Shot: In sickbay, Ro is frustrated that no seems to notice her. Then, Picard walks straight through her Ysl replica.


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